Blog 2015-11-03

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Date 2015/11/03

Today I found out one of most interesting things for me in France.

When I was waiting for a bus, I often see following description on the signboard located on the head of a bus:

"Je monte, Je valide."

When I first saw this message, I looked for the words at my dictionary, and found that "monte" meant "climb" and "valide" meant "being valid" then I immediately understood as follows:

"OK, someone is going to climb a mountain and he is allowed to climb the mountain by the administrator of the mountain. But why is his tweet displayed on the signboard of the bus??"

...Don't worry, I soon noticed that my understanding was wrong.

What is significantly interesting thing here is that the bus says that the bus is valid by itself("himself" will be correct if the grammatical gender is cared.)

And the world which I was seeing was changed:

"It feels like the bus has his spirit!"

at the same time, some questions arise:

"Why the bus knows he is in service by himself? He has his eyes and brain so determine his status, or has his ears and heard some information from the conductor??"

P.S. I still didn't understand. The answer was as follow: