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Date 2015/10/15

I am at Rennes now.

There still remain many things to do for my stable life here, but step by step, I am building my infrastructure and getting used to stay in Rennes these days.

I got the internet access(it is literally my lifeline in fact) and a pair of slippers for my room, remembered where were the my room, university, workspace, nearest bus stop, shop to buy daily things, how to do the experiments for my work in Rennes, how to use the washing machine in my dormitory(it was the most difficult thing to remember for me) and got along with friends. These days in Rennes are repeats of being excited and nervous because everything including the language, culture, foods, the social system here is different from Japan.

From this September to October, I feel like it was like an really long trip from Okayama, my home town to Rennes where I am now.

Going to Tsuyama.
Going to Fukushima.
At Fukushima.
At Naruko-Gotenyu.
Oyster at Matsushima.
At Matsushima.
Motsuji at Hiraizumi.
Canned mackerel of Iwate.
Sendai station.
Sendai mediatheque.
Syabusyabu party at my home.
Haneda airport.
Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi international airport.
Paris, Charles De Gaulle airport.
A party at Rennes.